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Structure and Composition of Laboratory Freeze Dryer

What is a freeze dryer? The freeze dryer is also called a vacuum freeze dryer, which uses the principle of freezing and sublimation to dry the sample materials, and captures the moisture of the material from the inside out by vacuum negative pressure, and then adsorbs it on the cold well. Vacuum freeze-drying technology has a wide range of applications in the fields of bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, material science, and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products.
The vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for the drying of high-end raw materials, Chinese herbal medicines, seafood, wild vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, food, fruits, chemical drug intermediates and other materials. The freezing vacuum drying process is that no impurities are mixed into the object, which can keep the original ingredients, active ingredients and the shape of the material intact.
Laboratory freeze dryer equipment is a small freeze dryer used for freeze-drying a small amount of samples in the laboratory, which is composed of a shell, a refrigeration unit, a vacuum pump, a cold trap, and an electronic control system.
The refrigeration unit of the laboratory freeze dryer is arranged in the shell, and the cold trap is arranged on the upper part of the shell. The vacuum pump is connected to the cold trap through the vacuum pipeline. The refrigeration unit is equipped with a compressor, a heat exchanger, an expansion valve and an evaporator, and it also includes a material placement device, which is installed above the cold trap and on the shell, and communicates with the upper end of the cold trap. The evaporator is an evaporating coil, which is set in the cold trap. The evaporator is changed to an evaporating coil, and is set in the cold trap, in this way, the temperature can be reduced quickly.
The laboratory freeze dryer has the advantages of small size, low energy consumption, stable structure, convenient operation, strong expansion, and convenient placement in the laboratory, which is convenient for the freeze-drying of a small amount of materials in the laboratory and the exploration of related processes.


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