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Vacuum freeze dryer faults and solutions

The vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for drying high-grade raw materials, Chinese medicinal materials, biology, wild vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, food, fruits, chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and other materials. There will inevitably be some failures during use. We should know the faults and corresponding solutions so as to find and eliminate them in time.

 freeze dryer

1. The indoor temperature is higher than 30℃

Laboratory freeze dryer needs to operate in the right environment. When the indoor temperature is higher than 30 ℃, the condenser may not be able to exert the condensing effect, which will make the system fail. If the indoor temperature is around 28°C, users can open the rear door of the condenser or the room door to optimize ventilation and cooling conditions.

2. The humidity in the environment is too high

When the humidity in the environment is high, it is easy to cause electrical failure or short circuit. At this time, ventilation equipment or windows should be used for ventilation to reduce humidity.

vacuum freeze dryer 

3. The power supply voltage is unstable

When the freeze dryer deviates from the allowable voltage range, the compressor cannot work effectively or even run at all. If the power supply voltage is unqualified, it should be replaced with qualified power supply. If the power supply voltage is unstable, a voltage regulator can be added to the original working power supply.

4. Too much dust on the freeze dryer or in the environment

If there is too much dust on the condenser and compressor, it is easy to make the condenser unable to achieve the condensation effect, which directly affects the use effect of the compressor. Therefore, regular dust removal is essential. If there is too much dust in the environment, the dust covering the compressor and condenser can be removed regularly on a monthly basis. To prevent damage to industrial freeze dryer, a soft brush can be used to remove dust from the compressor, condenser and piping.

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