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Regular cleaning of vacuum freeze dryer

Vacuum freeze dryer, referred to as freeze dryer, is generally divided into home freeze dryer, laboratory freeze dryer, pilot freeze dryer and industrial freeze dryer. Vacuum freeze dryers have significant advantages that make them widely used in various fields. Then, why should the freeze dryer be cleaned regularly?

lab freeze dryer 

Reasons for regular cleaning of laboratory freeze dryer:

1. Since the evaporator and condenser in the freeze dryer will generate a lot of dust under long-term operation, the emission of cold air and heat will be affected to a certain extent, which will weaken the cooling or heating effect of the program, and consume a lot of electricity and time.

2. When turned on, the bacteria inside it will be blown into the room, causing certain harm  to the human body.

3. Especially in summer when the bacteria breeds more, if the freezer dryer is not cleaned in time, it will absorb a lot of dust, as well as pollen and mold.

 freeze dryer for milk

The freeze dryer generally needs to be cleaned and maintained before use in summer or after use in autumn to kill germs. In summary, attention should be paid to the internal cleaning of the vacuum freeze dryer to effectively ensure the good operability of the equipment. Because compared to surface cleaning, the critical internal cleaning is more important.


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