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Common problems and solutions of laboratory freeze dryer

Freeze dryer, also known as vacuum freeze dryer, is a device that freezes substances at low temperature and then evaporates water through vacuum heating. Laboratory freeze dryers are widely used in medicine, food, biology and other fields, because they can preserve biologically active substances for a long time without affecting their own characteristics.

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Common problems and solutions of laboratory freeze dryer:

1. Insufficient vacuum in the sample chamber

This may be caused by leakage or sealing problems, and the tightness of the instrument and sample chamber needs to be checked, and the seals should be replaced in time.

2.Too slow or too fast sublimation rate

This may be caused by a fault in the heating or cooling system, and the related equipment needs to be checked and dealt with in time.

3. The condenser does not work properly

This may be caused by untimely cleaning or pipeline blockage. In this case, it requires cleaning or maintenance.

4. The temperature in the sample chamber is too high or too low

This may be caused by a failure of the control system or improper parameter setting, and it is necessary to reset the parameters or replace the control device.

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The emergence of freeze dryers not only solves the problem of material preservation, but also promotes the progress of medicine, food and biology to a certain extent. Lab vacuum freeze dryer is a powerful tool in modern technological society.

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