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Necessary material pre-freezing of freeze dryer

Freeze dryer is a technology that uses the principle of sublimation to dry items, which is a process in which the material to be dried is quickly frozen at a low temperature, and then in a suitable vacuum environment, the frozen water molecules are directly sublimated into water vapor to escape. The freeze-drying process is divided into three stages,  pre-freezing, sublimation drying, and analytical drying.

 food freeze dryer

Is the material pre-freezing with vacuum freeze dryer necessary?

The pre-freezing of materials is a key step in the freeze-drying process, and the quality of the pre-freezing process directly affects the quality of freeze-dried products. The material pre-freezing process can be basically divided into slow freezing and fast freezing. Users can flexibly operate the equipment according to specific needs to achieve effective pre-freezing of materials.

1. Slow freezing: Put the pre-prepared materials into the cold trap, cover the insulation cover, turn on the compressor, and start the pre-freezing;

2. Fast freezing: Turn on the compressor first, wait until the temperature of the cold trap cavity drops to a certain temperature, then put the pre-prepared materials into the cold trap, and start the pre-freezing.

 pilot freeze dryer

The entire freeze-drying process of the freeze drying machine is carried out in a low-temperature and low-pressure environment. The freeze-drying method can effectively retain the heat-sensitive components and original biological characteristics of the freeze-dried products.


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