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NBJ-18S Manifold Top Press Type Freeze Dryer

Brand:NANBEI<br> Model:NBJ-18S Manifold Top Press Type Freeze Dryer<br> Application:Laboratory,Hospital,School

    NBJ-18S manifold top press type freeze dryer

    Introduction about freeze dryer:

    NBJ-18S vertical freeze dryer is suitable for experiment in laboratory and a small amount production.The machine has heating shelves and programmable function.

    Main features:

    * CFC Free refrigeration 

    * Big opening condenser has pre-freeze function 

    * low noise compressor, good efficiency,long service life  

    * Condenser and operation panel are all stainless steel

    * Small volume,easy and convenient operation

    * Nitrogen valve is optional

    * Eutectic point test device is optional  

    * Communication interface is available

    * Cascade refrigeration is optional for -80℃ device

    * LCD displays sample temperature curve, condenser temp.curve, shelf temp. Curve, vacuum degree curve and compound curves.

    * 16 programs ca be stored, and each program can be set up 32 segments

    * Program can be altered during running process, final drying curves stored 

    * Electrical system uses PID control, more precise control

    * RS232 interface adopted, connecting with computer to display real-time drying curves

     Technical Parameter (NBJ-18S manifold top press type):

    Freeze drying area


    Condenser capacity

    6 L /24h

    Condenser temperature 

    -55℃ (-80 ℃ optional)

    Vacuum degree

    < 10 Pa

    Material tray 

                        Ф200mm, 3 layers        

    Bulk capacity

    0.9 L, 10mm thickness

    Vial capacity Φ12mm

    990 pcs

    Vial capacity Φ16mm

    555 pcs

    Vial capacity Φ22mm

    270 pcs

    Style of press

    By hand


    with 8 ports


    1000ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml


    Air, draughty, ambient   temperature ≤25℃


    220V, 50Hz



    Host dimension 

    635×540×(970+430) mm

    Host weight 

    105 kg 

    Remark: This product is for civilian use only

    * NBJ-18S Manifold Top Press Type Freeze Dryer

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